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Did You Miss Me?

      I have been taking a break to spend some time with the family and working on a couple of other projects but I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know I’m still here.

   There has been a lot going on and some big upgrades coming out so.

   This might be something you are interested in. It’s a Franchise style Marketing system. Send traffic and support as needed or you can hire business coaches to help with the process of building your team.

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The tools in my Laundromat Tool Bag

The tools in my Laundromat Tool Bag  

     Previously I went over some of the tools I keep at the Laundry. In this video I review the tools I keep in the car.

   Depending on your involvement in the Laundromat you my not require this many tools. I have found that the cost of calling a Service Tech can have a big impact on your bottom line. Another factor is the time required before the Service Tech can make it to your store.

          While I don’t recommend working outside your comfort zone without training learning about your equipment and the small repairs can get your equipment up and running and keep your customers happy.

        That particular washer may just seem like another one in your store but people are creatures of habit and once they become familiar with a piece of equipment and the location they do not like to change.

Some of the tools mentioned:
Pinch Off Pliers   – Available Here

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Avoid Adding To These Laundromat Horror Stories

      As the owner of a chain of Laundromats these are the stories that you don’t want to hear but if you do they are at somebody else’s store. Operating a clean, safe, profession business reduces the “Horror” stories (someone will always have one) and replaces them with comments about how clean your store is, how friendly and professional the staff is and increases the Word-Of-Mouth advertising that you just can’t buy, and doesn’t make the news articles.

The follow article apeared in the Huffington Post on 10/06/2014. The original article can be found here

These Laundromat HorrorStories Put Boring Old Ghost Tales To Shame

Posted: 10/06/2014 1:06 pm EDT Updated: 10/06/2014 1:59 pm EDT


       The only thing that’s worse than doing laundry? The laundromat. At first it might seem like a “magical” place where you can either do your laundry in a communal setting stress-free, or you can drop off your intimates and turn a blind eye to the process. But the experience is rarely as straightforward.

 So we reached out to our fellow editors here at The Huffington Post for some more first-hand terror tales, and they most certainly did not disappoint. Check out their shock-inducing experiences below that will make everyone who has washers and dryers in their homes feel even more lucky than they already should.

The Underwear Files

 “I send my laundry out to a laundromat (so they do and fold it for me), and when it comes back, there’s always at least one pair of underwear that definitely is not mine.”
-Jessica Samakow, Senior Family And Relationships Editor

      “My roommates and I decided to do drop off service at this laundromat located near our new apartment. When we picked up our clothes and started sorting them, we noticed that ALL of our underwear was missing. Just our underwear. We called the place but they knew nothing of it. Needless to say we were a little creeped out… and found a new place.”
-Lindsay Holmes, Associate GPS For The Soul Editor

      “One day my girlfriend found a strange pair of women’s underwear tucked into my sock drawer. I had received them with the wash and fold and naturally assumed they belonged to her. Convincing her of that was not such an easy task. I don’t think she fully believed me until a few months later when a pair of her own underwear went missing after being sent to the laundry and she realize just how often this happens.”
-Oliver Noble, Video Editor

underwear laundry vintage
The Unwelcome Guest

 “I was traveling through Italy and ran out of clean clothes. Five minutes in the laundromat told me it was better to just stay dirty because… I put a load in, took a seat and in walks a guy who, without skipping a beat, opens his pants and begins touching himself in front of me. Straight faced, no shame. I will never be able to un-see that. Never.”
-Julie Thomson, Taste Editor

laundry 1950
The Germaphobic Nightmares

 “The moment I knew I needed to invest in a washer/dryer for my apartment was when I opened up a washing machine at the laundromat and found a broccoli floret sitting inside. How and why there might ever be whole pieces of broccoli mixed in with someone’s laundry is still a mystery to me.”
-Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson, Home Editor

      “The horror story that happens every single time: When I’m taking out my wet laundry and putting it in that silver rolly-bin thing and the thing doesn’t perfectly line up with the edge of the washing machine and one of my socks ends up falling on the disgusting, dirty laundromat floor and then I gasp and quickly pick it up hoping that the five-second rule applies to pieces of clothing.”
-Renee Jacques, Associate Viral Editor

laundry 1950

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Sink Support

Sink Support

       I was having a problem with the sink being pulled away from the wall so it was time to add some additional support.

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Looking for more information about Laundromat Ownership?
–> Check This Out. <–

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Standard Change Maker Alarm Code 34

Standard Change Maker Alarm Code 34

Standard Change Maker Alarm Code 34

      When I arrived at the store I had a red light on both sides of the change machine. Sometimes this is a good thing but usually it’s because there is an error.

    I found that one side of the changer had an error and the other side was empty. You will find out soon enough in your Laundromat that you never seem to have a bill jam or an error on an empty changer. It only seems to happen on the third or fourth bill that gets put in so it’s sits there with a full hopper and a red light.

   This error turned out to be something I hadn’t seen before.

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