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Burn your boats but not your bridges

Burn your boats but not your bridges

I wanted to share a story about the difference between burning your boats and bridges.

I can only go into general terms but I believe I can still make the point in this video. It’s not one of my smoothest videos as I was trying to cover the points I wanted to make and skip over the specifics.  As you know I own some Laundromats and one of my stores has a Drop Off Service. People bring in their clothes and for a per pound rate we wash, dry, fold and package them for pickup.

This particular situation involved a large order that was dropped off and my attendants agreed to the amount offered before getting all the weights done.

Here is the story….




SEO Checklist For Beginners

Five Step SEO Checklist For Beginners

Five Step SEO Checklist For Beginners

Many have heard the term SEO and have a general idea what it means.

A Google search brings up 300 million sites but what is it really?

Let’s start with the Wikipedia Explanation

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.
       In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search,[1] news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.”

      Simple right?

      What if there was a few simple steps you could do that would get your posts into the search near or at the top?

Well here they are:

1     Use the Google Keyword Tool to find a keyword in your target area or niche.

2     Include the keyword in your blog post title

3      Include the keyword at least 3 times in your post but don’t get too crazy. Searches will avoid your post if it looks like you have too many in there. As this is a five step SEO checklist for beginners I don’t want to have that phrase in the post 15 times. Adding other related keywords to your search will also help out

4      Upload an image and use your keyword as the Alt Text

SEO Checklist For Beginners
Where to find the Google Keyword Tool for SEO



5       Link to another authority site that is relative to your page.


Is that easier?

     Don’t try and figure out all the details and complicated SEO info.

       Use this Five step SEO checklist for beginners. Of course the other part is to have an easy to use blog site so you don’t waste time figuring that out as well.



The Real Problem with MLM’s

 The Real Problem with MLM’s

       There are many discussions and articles about Network Marketing. Below is great article that hits most of the main issues.

       Even Robert Kiyosaki mentions it many times as a great way to learn sales (we are all in sales if you think so or not), it’s also teaches you how to run a business without the cost of employees, leases, utilities etc.

       The problem that comes up over and over again in many discussions is that people quit too soon or are not properly trained how to do it right. You need the right tools, training and mentors in any business to succeed.

      There are many stories about the Empower Network and how it’s a scam and a ripoff etc which in many peoples minds makes it the same as any Network Marketing company.

       What I have found working with the company, systems and people is that it is a Personal Development Company that provides a product that can be used to promote anything.

       If you don’t already know my story I’ll tell it to you at the next event.


Now check out this article if you want and get signed up to change your future. GET STARTED

The Real Problem with Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

HINT: It’s not the business model itself



      It never ceases to amaze me the extreme polar views on the topic of network marketing and MLM. Some people are passionate about it in the extreme, and there are even top celebrity authors like Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, and Robert Kiyosaki doing it and advocating it. Yet, in many circles, you might as well declare yourself a leper as admit to being in network marketing.
So, what is the problem with MLM and network marketing?
     Maybe it’s the pyramid structure? But you can’t really take issue with the tiered compensation structure—almost every large sales organization in the world has that. Salespeople get commission, and sales managers get overrides or bonuses on top of that, and sales directors on top of that, and VPs on top of that.

      Or maybe it’s the fact that you have to pay to participate in it? But that can’t be it—that’s a standard franchising model. And I assure you, the franchise fee of most traditional franchises dwarf the sign-up cost of any MLM program by comparison.

     Now certainly, there are illegal pyramid, or “Ponzi”, schemes. This is where the money is all being made off of signing up other people, with little or no real product ever being delivered. But in spite of whatever perceptions people may have, the fact is that Amway, Excel, Meleleuca, PrePaid Legal, USANA, and many others have sold millions upon millions of dollars of products to happy customers, many of whom are NOT also reps. So, there may be a perception problem here, but if so, the perception is out of line with the reality.

     But surely the bad reputation MLM’ers has some more basis in fact than the occasional illegal pyramid scheme?

       The real problem with MLM is not MLM itself, but some of the people it attracts. Network marketing is just a business model, and it really amounts to “micro-franchising”. Its upside is that it has a very low cost of entry, with the potential for exceptional revenue, and there are those who achieve that.

         But those same things that make it attractive make it attractive to many who are NOT really qualified or prepared to become business owners. The salient characteristics of MLM make it attractive to people who:

     -have not done well in their business or profession and have little money saved up to invest
     -have no previous experience owning or running a business
     -have no previous experience in sales
     -have little or no experience developing business relationships other than that of employer/employee/co-worker
     -are not satisfied with their current level of income
have unrealistic expectations of the amount of work involved compared to the revenue realized
     Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with any of these things, or that this describes even a majority of network marketers—only that it describes a disproportionate number of network marketers, and that many of them never do anything about it.
     As a result, many network marketers end up:

     -over-selling the opportunity
     -inappropriately discussing business in social situations
     -coming across as desperate
     -over-focused on new recruits and neglecting existing customers as a result
     -being either inaccurate or deceptive when talking about their business

     Again, I’m certainly not saying that this describes a majority of network marketers, but it does describe enough of them to tarnish the reputation of the rest. To pre-judge someone based on the basis of a small minority of people in that group is horribly unfair, but we must realize that most prejudices have some basis in reality, even if it has been distorted.
      So what’s the solution?

      There’s a first time for everything. And network marketing/MLM is a great opportunity for people to have their first business, their first sales role, etc. My point is this—recognize it for what it is: it’s a business, and you are a business owner. And if you’ve never owned a business before, if you’ve never done sales before, if you’ve never networked before, you need to learn about how to do so, not just from the network marketing/MLM experts, but from established experts in those fields.

      Network marketers who are serious about building a business should be reading and learning about business fundamentals, the latest sales and marketing techniques, strategies for networking and business development, etc., not just swapping tips at your team’s weekly or monthly meeting.

       Act like a small business owner, and people will treat you like one.




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Facebook Weekly Total Reach Up 627,300%

Facebook Weekly Total Reach Up 627,300%


Is it really possible?

Yes, and here’s the stats to prove it…..

Facebook Weekly Total Reach

How is it possible to get this kind of impact to your Facebook Page?

Help people solve problems.

It’s the same in the business world.

For Example, let’s say you were a small business or an individual that wants to build your online exposure to increase sales of your products.

The products could be a service you offer, a product in your store or even an MLM product.

What is the best way to get the exposure you need?


Take a few minutes each day to solve a problem for someone and share it through Social Media.

Your content may be shared so others can have their problems solved and Google will direct people to your post when they are looking for an answer to their problem.

As you build up your tips others will look around and see you as an authority and will trust your opinion.

So you’re probably saying ‘Give me an example”.

OK. Let’s say that I own a Laundromat, no that’s an easy one…

I’m a plumber.

I have a cell phone with a camera and I get a call to unplug a sink drain. I take a few minutes to record the steps with a video and load it to my blog with the title. “How to unplug a sink drain in Littleville, US”.

Others in town with the same problem do a search and find out how to unplug the drain themselves.

Now you are probably thinking that you lost a customer because they did the work themselves.

That’s not the thinking that grows a business.

Next time this potential customer has a plumbing issue they will look to your site for the information. If it seems too complicated or outside their comfort zone they will call you.


Because they already know you!

You can get started today on the same system I use for $25 a month. Right Here

Now how did a get a Facebook Weekly Total Reach increase of 627,300%.

Helping People…..

Read the details here


Scam Alert- Comforter Cleaning

Scam Alert- Comforter Cleaning

        I recently received an email enquiring about my Laundromats ability to do a large order of blankets.

      Usually the emails are asking about some specialty item and I figured I better answer professionally as it could turn into a good account.

       I am going to include all of the names and emails as you are about to see that it didn’t take long to be spotted as a scam.

       The information was sent to the local police department and I let them know I didn’t follow through on the requests and I had not lost any money.

       There really was no crime committed at that point so they made note of it and also commented that it’s usually from overseas and even if there was a loss there is not much they can do anyway.

        Once I received the second email It reminded me almost exactly of one I received about 4 years ago shortly after I opened my third store. My third store is the only one with a Drop Off Service.

       I submit this as a precaution to always be aware of the methods that are being used to use commit crimes.

Below are the unedited emails.

Note: I seem to always end up reading them with a Russian accent. No offense to my Russian friends.


Subject:Dry Cleaning.

Brian Snow <>

3:37 PM (3 hours ago)

to ken

Hi, my name is Brian snow i will liike to know if you do Laundry service or dry cleaning and do you dry clean bed comforter?.. how much does it cost per king size bed comfort and queen size, I have a lot down comforters to dry clean just want to know if you able to handle them, also will like to know if you do accept all major type of credit card as means of payment?.

Look forward to read from you.


Ken Barrett <>

3:54 PM (3 hours ago)

to Brian


We have a Drop Off service at our location at 1304 Greenbrier Rd in Anniston. We have washed and dried many down comforters. 

Our price for a King Comforter is $20 and a Queen is $17. 

After washing we dry on medium for about 30 minutes and then on low for as long as it takes. In some cases this has been 2-3 hours.

Slow drying allows the feathers to loosen and fluff up again providing that thick, soft feel.

We accept Mastercard and Visa.

Our Hours are 7am to 6pm everyday. 

We do not do dry cleaning but recommend:

Mikes Romac Cleaners

635 Creekside Drive, Oxford, AL 36203
(256) 831-5002



Brian Snow

4:42 PM (2 hours ago)

to Ken

Hi Ken, Thanks for getting back to me, I want 60 King size comforter dry cleaning but still at TN with the private courier service that will have them moved from my old motel in TN and deliver down here because i just relocate here in state and have already made all arrangements with them to help me ship the bed comforters here, I want you to work out the total cost for everything and i will need them in 5 to 6 weeks after delivery, The private courier service who will have the comforters delivered will be the same to pick them up.

Kindly email me with the total cost for the comforter and also will like to know your name, address and cell phone number to be able to communicate with you in case of any urgent assistance.



Ken Barrett <>

5:46 PM (1 hour ago)

to Brian


I can be reached at 800-792-1941

Please let me know the delivery date and I can get things set up.

I would also like your contact info and the contact info of the courier company so I can have the people available when they arrive.

I stated the cost per piece in my original email. We will require a 50% deposit before delivery.


Brian Snow

6:09 PM (1 hour ago)

to Ken

Hi Ken, It really nice to hear back from you, I want you to do me a favor due to my hearing impair, have not pay the courier service because they don’t have credit card facility, i want you to add $1,150 including with the cost of the bed comforters cleaning while you have everything charge on my credit card, You are to send the $1,150 to the courier service via Western union money transfer for the comforters delivery and pick up, I want the comforters to be ready before am out of the intensive care. Kindly get back to me with the grand total of everything you are to charge on my credit card so that i can email you with my credit card along with the courier service information where you are to send the fund to, so that they can deliver those comforters to you on time for the cleaning and i can only be reached through text messages.

Below are the breaking down of the fees you are to charge on my credit card.

Dry Cleaner Service down payment Fee: $1000
Courier service Fee: $1,150
Western union charges Fee: $100
Credit card company Fee: 3%
Tip: $100

I look forward to read from you soon.
(281) 749-1270


Ken Barrett <>

6:11 PM (1 hour ago)

to Brian


My daughter knows sign language so I can set up a Skype call and work out the details.


Brian Snow

6:14 PM (1 hour ago)

to Ken

I don’t have skype on my desk top, i can only communicate on here or via text messages. it will be easy for me that way.


Ken Barrett <>

7:24 PM (6 minutes ago)

to Brian

Send me the details and I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.


End Of Emails:

       Further emails involve “Brian” continually asking me for a total price and my contact information.  All of which was actually in the emails by the way.

       The phone number listed shows it used to go to a Title Loan company in Texas that has since closed. It is now a Google Voice number.

       If you have any of your employees answering company emails you may want to share this information with them.

       It would have been a nice order to fill in the quiet days at the store.

Play Safe

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First Page Of Google In Three Days

First Page Of Google

First Page Of Google In Three Days

This is the post I made 3 days ago


I may have hit the First Page sooner but I didn’t actually check.

As you can see in the picture I’m not at the first spot but I do have the first video. And I ranked just above Business Insider.

Getting on the First Page requires the right platform, training and content.

All that can be found in one place….Right Here 

Sign Up now for $25 a month and start your blog today.


My First Use of Amazon Create Space

My First Use of Amazon Create Space

     I just hit the purchase button for 5 proof copies of my first book.


     What a strange and exciting feeling.

     Sure it took a while to write it. I actually wrote about 85% over a year ago and it sat on my computer until I could figure out what to do with it.

      The next step was to load it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) as I described in this post a few days ago. Can You Really Succeed With Books?

     Finally I dug a little deeper into an area I have heard about but had not ventured through it’s doors.

     That area was Amazon Create Space.

     A site where anyone can upload a book, design a cover, add their details and have real, hold in your hands, books printed.

     It took awhile last night to do some layout changes due to the size change from 8 1/2″ x 11″ to 6″x 9″, and then I realized I should have some intro pages and not dive right in.

     Next came a couple of issues with some pictures I had and the number of pixels but in the end it was submitted for approval.

     The approval email came in today so I logged back in, checked for any concerns and ordered my proof copies.

      I ordered 5 because that’s the most I could.

     One will go on my bookshelf, not to make me look special or gloat or anything just as a constant reminder that I decided to do something and took the steps to do it, and there it is.

     One will be for my wife, autographed of course, for supporting me along the way.

     One will be for my parents, my biggest fans and I expect it to get a few miles on it as it makes the rounds of the local coffee shop. So I may have to send a second one so Mom can hold on to it.

     I have some thoughts on the other one but I’m not set on that yet.

     So you are probably wondering what the book is about? Self help ? How to live forever?  The secret to the universe?

     None of the above.

It’s a book to help people thinking of owning a Laundromat.

     Nothing sexy, or Morning Talk Show worthy but that doesn’t matter right now because this book represents an accomplishment, a stepping stone. Another chapter in my life, pun intended.

     And I can’t forget my kids. Will they read it? Maybe? I hope they at least give it a shot but the point is that the Gatekeepers are gone and they can do it too.


Now the hard part……..waiting for the books to arrive.


A preview of my new book

As you have seen I spend a lot of time providing information and support for current and future Laundromat and other business owners.

For the past number of months I have been working on a book to help provide a better flow and understanding of the Laundromat business.

If you have a few moments I would love to have you look at a preview and provide some feedback.

Here’s the link:




Published On Amazon. Now What?

Amazon Author

Published On Amazon. Now What?

     In a previous post we talked about how easy it is to get a book published on Amazon and realize your dream of becoming an Author.

     But what is the next step?

     Inside Amazon there is an Author Page that you set up to provide some background information, your list of books and feeds from other sites.

     Lets step through some of the details.

     Amazon Author Central is where it all starts.

     Start by adding your Biography with a brief outline of your background and, if possible, information on places you have been featured for your expertise.  If you don’t have any yet that’s fine add some information that will connect with your readers.  

     Put a note on your calendar for 30 days and 60 days to go back and update this page with new information from your initial success. 

     The next key feature of this page is to connect the RSS feed from your blogs. You know that button that you never really knew what it was for and showed you a page of code that you didn’t want to mess with. This is how it works.

     Hit the “add blog” text and insert the page link from your blog. In about 24 hours your blog will begin feeding into Amazon.

      Next up your Amazon Author Page URL. You only have one shot at this so pick the right name. It doesn’t have to be done right away so if you want to think about it now is the time.

      Of course my suggestion is to use your name that you are publishing under but if it’s not available make a note to come back later. This URL provides you with an easy link to put on your emails, signatures, social media etc to help promote your books.

      Photos- Yes. Add a few that you have or will be using on your other sites as well. Part of building your brand is being visible and a real person.

     Videos- Add the links to introduce yourself, key events etc.

      And your Twitter feed.

      The events section can be updated as you go along. Just keep this page in mind as your career expands.


     Now that we have the Amazon Author Page updated check and see what the Public Page looks like.

     This is the page that your Author URL will direct people to so they can see all of your information and your books. When you publish a new book check this page the next day to make sure it shows up. If not, it’s a simple search and click to add it to your page.

        One of the best ways to promote your books is to use your blog, Click Here  to start today. Your posts could include your background, your inspiration for the book, some teasers and a link to buy it on Amazon and thoughts for your next book.




Now you have no excuse not to get started.



Can You Really Succeed with Books?

   Have you ever wanted to write a book?


 Can You Really Succeed with Books?

       Not too long ago the chances of an average person writing a book was pretty much impossible. After you spent hours writing a book you would submit it to a publisher or 10 or 20 and hope for a response.


      In some cases you may actually get a response that there may be some interest. 

      Next comes the editing.

      Your idea that you have put your heart in to and transferred to paper gets edited by someone else and modified to “Please the masses” or “make it publishable”.

         Those key points that you felt really got your message across may have been eliminated completely.

         Now that you have a “Publishable” book it’s time for a publisher to make the decision to spend thousands of dollars to print the first edition and get it into the stores.

         If all goes well your book is accepted and the sales begin.

        And somewhere down the road you may actually make some money.

But those days are gone.

       Anyone can take the information from their favorite topic, event, passion, hobby, business…. Whatever they want and have it published.

      Writing the book is actually the hard part now.

      Start with a blank page in Word and write.

    Once you are ready, I didn’t say done, create your account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and follow the simple steps.


      Give it a title, make a cover, upload the book (it will check for spelling errors) and set a price. 

      In about 24 hours or usually less you will receive an email that says your book has been published.

 Share That Link with everyone you know. Let them make the decision to buy your book and post a review.

            Now back to the part about being ready and not done. You don’t need to worry about every little detail in your first draft.

       After some friends and family have supported you and paid a few dollars for your masterpiece ask them if they have any ideas or advice.

       Updating the book is as simple as making the changes in your original documents and uploading it again.

        Now the latest version is there and your family and friends have a limited edition, out of print copy.

     It’s time to ask the question again, Can you really succeed with books?

My answer is Yes!


       What are you going to write about?



P.S  My books can be found here.