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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Google’s new mobile rule, which will drop your website from the mobile search results if your website isn’t mobile friendly, goes into effect on April 21.

The clock is ticking! It’s time to assess the status of your website.

If you’re not sure whether or not your website is mobile compatible, just click for the Google Mobile Friendly Test, plug in your URL, and find out.

On April 21st, 2015, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly (meaning that it’s easy to navigate and interact with on a mobile device) Google is going to drop the hammer on you. That means that when someone does a Google search on a mobile device, your website will be dropped to the bottom of the search results.

Data Talks

Now, why would Google do something like this? Because when data talks, Google listens. And data is talking loud. Like, for example, the fact that 80% of online adults own a smartphone, or that mobile traffic officially accounts for over 60% of all website traffic.

There’s also the fact that Google is the most popular and powerful search engine in the world, owning nearly 70% of the total search market and an astounding 87% of the mobile search market.

Those are some impressive numbers, and Google doesn’t want to see them drop. That’s why their number one goal is, and always has been, providing the best possible user experience to anyone who comes across their infamous search box.  This new rule is just the next step in attaining that goal.

To put it simply, Google sees a majority of the Internet population connecting to the web on a mobile device, so they’re changing the rules to cater to those users. Therefore, you need a mobile compatible website by April 21st, or a big chunk of the Internet population will never even know you exist.

So use the link Google provides to check all of your websites

Google Mobile Friendly Test

There’s still time…..

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What a great idea.

What a great idea. #trashcan #cleanup #driveby

I was in Baton Rouge, LA for business and noticed this garbage can as I was driving around. It’s located at a stop light so it’s easy to access from your car window.

Ken Barrett on Instagram: “What a great idea. #trashcan #cleanup #driveby”
“What a great idea. #trashcan #cleanup #driveby”


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Are you interested in earning an income online?

Today is the LAST day to apply for the CLA Board of…

Today is the LAST day to apply for the CLA Board of Directors! If you’re thinking of applying, don’t miss out! Learn more about the Board and apply now!

Board of Directors – Coin Laundry Association
The Coin Laundry Association is led by an all-volunteer board of professionals in the self-service laundry industry. Laundry owners, distributors…

 Coin Laundry Association
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Are you interested in earning an income online?

Laundromat Construction- Trenching

Laundromat Construction- Trenching

This location was a Laundromat previously so most of the infrastructure is complete but due to some layout changes there is some concrete that needs to be cut.

The new drain, vent connection and electrical.


Some of the starting pictures. Notice the paint line on the floor indicating the customer area to the right and the dryers in the cleaner strip and the dryer access area against the left wall.

Water heater and lint trap room.


The start of the trenching.


Some old shelves left from the previous store. It’s handy to keep these around during construction to store tools, fittings and other items on.


This is the old attendant room. The electrical panel is in the back right corner. This room will be reduced in size and re-framed for the change machine, camera DVR, and other secure storage.


Stay tuned as we continue with the renovations.


P.S. If you have any questions please comment below.