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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

     There are a few different methods to radio advertising. The main method is to purchase a set of ads that are `10, 30 or 60 seconds long and run them a set number of times per week.

        Recently I opened a new store and was tlking to a local station that I had not done any work with before about a live remote for the Grand Opening. The salesman mentioned they had a promotion comping up the following week and had some spots available.

They were giving away tickets to a concert in Atlanta and would spend an hour 2x per day, 3x per week at different locations.

The WVOK Box for the Wild Goose Chase Draw
The WVOK Box for the Wild Goose Chase Draw
The WVOK Box for the Wild Goose Chase Draw

     They had 3 spots left so I signed up one for each of the three stores.

      The first was at the new store so the main promotion was about this new location and some talk about the other 2 locations in the listening area.

       During the hour the Dj and myself would talk about the store and features and they would explain the ticket giveaway. There were four spots per hour that were about 3 minutes long. In many of the other stops it was only the DJ that did the talking but I jumped “On The Air” myself.

Ken Barrett and Jock Burgess 979WVOK Oxford AL

      Talking on the radio is not for everybody but you really just need to have a short story to tell to explain why someone would use your store, and then the DJ will usually back you up . Just talk to the  DJ and don’t worry about anything else.

     The cost was $200 per location for the hour.

     Did anyone stop by to fill out the draw ticket and see the store….No. but this particuar station is played in many offices and waiting rooms in the area and that’s the people I envisioned talking too when I was on the radio.

      The second stop was at my store that has a Drop Off. I requested the female half of the morning team as I felt her reinforcement of how convenient the Drop Off service was would seem more credible.

    I was not able to make the stop at the third store but by then they had a good handle on the message I was promoting.

979WVOK On Location

           It’s tough to determine the ROI for this type of promotion but trying different methods and determining who your target market is gets your information to them a different way.


Interested in opeing your own Laundromat or improve the one you have?




Laundromat Step Stools For Large Washers

Laundromat Step Stools For Large Washers

Steps are needed so your customers can safely reach the soap trays on large washers and this also helps reduce the mess of a “blind pour”.

You can pick up some good steps here


And then put some bright color paint on them so they are easier to see both for the  customers and you on the security cameras in case they walk away.

I have my cleaners put each cart and step stool in a certain place each day so it’s easy to see if one is missing and I can check the video right away.




Sealing Around Laundromat Dryers

Sealing Around Laundromat Dryers

        The dryers in a Coin Laundry become a part of the wall when they are installed. Just like any wall they need to be sealled and insulated to reduce air leakage around the dryers. The better the seal you can make the less air will trsnafer between the conditioned and unconditioned areas (between your store and the dryer maintenance area).

       One method I have found is to use a backer rod. This can be bought at most building supply stores in the concrete section.

Contractors Choice Backer Rod available at Home Depot in various sizes

Normally used to fill large gaps in concrete projects but works great for this application.

“Normal” use of backer rod 

       It ‘s round, closed cell foam and is 1/2″ or 5/8″ diameter and about 20 fet long. It can be cut to length and pushed into smaller cracks.

Backer Rod used in concrete finishing can be used to seal gaps in other locations

        And don’t forget the gap below the dryers. The dryers are leveled on each of the coners with a bolt, type level. Depending on the slope of the floor you could have up to an inch of gap below the dryer.

Thi si the space between the floor and the dryer bottom.

If you have a new store or an older one take some time to find the air leaks and get them sealed. Check to make sure the edges of your dryers do not get hot enough to melt the foam or cause a fire.

Any other tips on sealing cracks? Please comment below.



IMONEX Coin Drop Installation in an ADC Dryer

IMONEX Coin Drop Installation in an ADC Dryer

       Imonex Coin Drops are a great way to make the switch from a quarter only store to a combination store. One of the benefits of using the Imonex drops is it allows you to purchase tokens that can be used for refunds and promotions in an un-attended store.

          The video below shows some of the steps involved in the installation in an ADC dryer. This is a 333 model. The 444 is very similar.


          Installation is very easy and requires no special tools, soldering, or wire cutting. All of the connectors are included and installing the Imonex coin drop is just plug and play. Changes to the dryer programing may be required.

            There is an issue I found in this installation is that cut out in the top of the coin box cover needs to be larger due to the 2 drop locations at the back of the Imonex drops.

The job was completed using a Dremel tool with a thin metal cutting wheel.

Mark the opening to be cut.
Using a Dremel Tool to expand the coin opening in the coin box guard
Remove the cut metal with pliers to avoid injury.

Now here’s the disclaimers. Use caution, wear safety glasses, follow all of the tool recommendations. This post is a suggestion not a set of instructions. If you don’t feel comfortable hire a trained professional.