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Bill Acceptor Cover Installation

Questions about the Bill Acceptor Security Cover?

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Bill Acceptor Security Cover       

Product Overview:

The Bill Acceptor Security Cover has been designed to protect the exposed plastic parts found on some change and vending machines. This is an added layer of security.


Tools Required:

– 3/8″ wrench and / or socket
– 7/16″ wrench and / or socket
– Drill
– 5/16″ Drill bit
– File or sandpaper

Proper protective eyewear is recommended. If you are not comfortable completing this installation please contact a qualified professional.


Installation instructions

1.Disconnect power


2. Open door of Change or Vending Machine


3. Remove the bill acceptor by removing the existing mounting nuts. A 3/8″ wrench or socket can be used.

4. Set bill acceptor on top of hopper using caution not to pinch or cut wiring. If this is not possible remove the connectors or secure the bill acceptor with tape or another method.


5. Tape Bill Acceptor Security Cover Installation Template (Figure 1) securely in place aligning with existing opening.

6. Mark location of two new holes.

7. Drill holes using a 5/16″ drill bit.


** Use caution when drilling to prevent injury and avoid getting any metal pieces in the hopper or other parts of the changer or vending machine.

** Follow all safety precautions when using drill.

8. Remove any sharp edges with a small file, sandpaper or other method if needed.

9 .Place Bill Acceptor Security Cover in place with studs inserted through the new mounting holes.


10. Install and tighten nylon lock nuts (included) on threaded studs.

11. Open and close door to confirm there are no interferences with hinge or other parts of the changer or vending machine.

12. Reinstall bill acceptor. Check alignment and clearance before tightening bill acceptor nuts.

13. Check bill acceptor wiring is installed correctly.

14. Turn on power and test.

Standard Change-Makers MC100 Guard

Congratulations. You have just completed the installation of the Bill Acceptor Security Cover.


Add graphics if desired.


Bill Acceptor Security Cover – Patent Pending
All images, documentation and information is the property of K-Bar Inc. No reproduction shall be made without the express written permission of K-Bar Inc.
This cover is designed for additional security. No guarantee is made or implied that it will prevent all forms of damage or theft when installed.

MC 100 Bill Acceptor Cover

   It started out as a normal day and then I got a text message ..
” I was in your store and realized someone had ripped your changer apart”.
Standard ChangeMaker MC100 damaged by thieves.
           If you have ever been the victim of a robbery you know the feeling you get in your stomach when you see this. Feelings of anger, violation, rage, vulnerability all run though your mind and body.
MC 100 Standard Change-Maker Damaged During Breakin

             This was how my day began. Once I arrived at the store I called the police and took some pictures of the area. They took down the information and called the Indent Team to see if they could get any prints. 
            As we watched the video to see if they had touched anything the feelings welled up again as I “witnessed” the crime.   

Grinding on the MC100 Standard Change-Makers
             They came in prepared early in the morning carrying a grinder and extension cord in a basket of laundry. They work gloves and had long sleeves so there were no fingerprints. They didn’t even cut themselves so there was no chance of a DNA test.
  In this case there were a few things that worked in their favor.  
        They gained entry through the front door as the electronic locks were not working correctly and it was after hours so there was only one light on in the middle of the store.Although the cameras were only a few years old they were already outdated.  
            With the low amount of light we were unable to get a good picture of either suspect.Since that time we have upgraded the security cameras and switched to 24 hours so now the lights are always on.     
     Initially they began to grind the lock, as an owner of a change machine you know this would take hours to grind out the lock mechanism and then they would have to unscrew the lock, but after a minute or two they used the grinder on the exposed plastic of the bill acceptor.
        A few seconds later part of it broke off and they were able to remove the rest with a pry bar.They reached through the opening and removed the cash from the stacker.Total time in the store ….5  Minutes.
Standard Change-Makers MC100 Guard
   I spent the next day calling a number of distributors to order a new, rear mount change machine. This was to a be a future purchase but now I had to buy one from whoever could get it to me. Fixing the existing change machine didn’t make sense as they could come back the next week and do it again, only faster.
      As we all know having a change machine sitting in a closet because you’re afraid to use it yet needing a second machine is a frustrating position to be in.
      I could fix the old changer but I would always be waiting for the day I found it ripped apart again. And spending $1,800 – $2,000 or more for another one is not in everyone’s budget.
       I looked around for a way to provide better security for this changer but all the options added extra locks ( we all have enough of those to deal with already) and they had a fortress-like look to them.  
    So I decided it was time to design my own. I spent hours working with a local machine shop to design a guard that would be easy to install, not add any more locks or be a burden to work around to empty the changer and, most of all, make it look like it wasn’t even there.    
   After I posted some pictures and videos I started to get overwhelmed with emails and comments from people that had the same changers and were concerned about the potential for damage. Others had already had theirs ripped apart, lost hundreds of dollars and after installing a new bill acceptor laid awake at night dreading that message  ” I was in your store and realized someone had ripped your changer apart”.           
     If you have one of the changers or vending machines, like the Standard ChangeMakers MC100 go ahead and order now and get some sleep at night.


Standard Change-Makers MC100 Guard

Floor Coating- Epoxy and Polyurethane

     As mentioned in the Sept 2016 Planet Laundry- “Floor It” edition in my latest store I used an Epoxy / Polyurethane combination for the flooring and a spray textured coating on the outside entrance area.

       The manufacturer is They can provide you with local trained installers.
      This is what they started with. It was a terrazzo floor that had been covered with carpet and tile. After cleaning off the thinset and cutting the floors for the sewer and power lines it was decided to cover the old terrazzo.
The process is:
– Grind floor
– Paint with Epoxy
– Spread flakes over 100% of floor. They do this while its wet and continue until the base epoxy coat is not visible.
– Let dry
– Light sand to remove any sharp edges of the flakes
– Seal with polyurethane
– Let dry and you are all set.
I’m 3 months in and it still looks great. It has a slightly dimpled finish from the polyurethane settling around the uneven flakes so it helps make it slip resistant.
The colors are endless. We ended up using the B702 with 1/4″ flakes. The blues and whites matched our store colors well.
It’s really hard to see normal dirt and powder soap spills on this floor.
I did a timelapse video  for the company that did my floor. The sprinkling of the flakes was skipped over to keep it short but if you look between the painting and the shiny surface painting you can see the color change.
Outside the concrete was ground to smooth some locations and provide a clean, rough surface
 The concrete was painted with a neutral, beige color
Once dry, tape was applied to create the lines in the final finish.

 The textured finish was sprayed on to provide a slip resistance surface.

I have had a variety of floor finishes in my Laundromats but this is by far the best I have seen. Everyone that enters the store comments on it, it’s easy to clean, hides dirt and is holding up great.