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Posting Notices in the Store

Posting Notices in the Store   

      It’s very easy to just write a sign and post it on the wall of your Laundromat. I’ve been guilty of that as well. 

       But taking a few minutes to order a quality frame, writing a clear message and posting it in your store keeps the professional look that you want to project to your customers.

    Your customers will have more respect for your store if you show them you want to give them the best experience you can and you also have respect for them. 

    Buying a frame, Available Here, like the one in the picture is a very low cost for the years it will present your message to hundreds or thousands of customers. The advantage of this frame is that it screws into the wall, has a secure bolt head to allow access and locks closed. 

    It only takes a few  seconds to open the frame and install a new message in the future

Use a quality frame to post notices
A quality sign board, ATM and Change Machine in the Laundromat.

        The next thing to consider is the message on the sign. Always avoid projecting negative messages.

Avoid words like:
        – Don’t
        – Never
        – Do Not
        – Avoid
        – Stop
– Complaint
– Problem

Keep the experience positive and it will put the customer in a better mode.

Lockable Silver Movie Poster Frame

         When I printed this sign I had some font issues at the printers so it’s not exactly like I would like it to work, but as I mentioned, it’s easy to change later.

Here’s what the sign covers….

Is There Something We Can Do Better?

 First – The Logo- Brand your business and put that in front of people when you can.
The address is also there so when people are calling they know where they are. This is very important if you have multiple locations.

      Is there Something We Can Do better?
A question will entice people to read more of the notice.

    We understand that occasionally there may be an issue with something at Washin Oxford Coin Laundry.

    Notice the word “Issue”, this helps to leave the question open. Maybe people have a problem with the number of chairs, soap in the restroom, no cupcakes in the vending machine.

   Please help us by providing some information.

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone number
  • Your Address (For Refunds)
  • The equipment number
  • The concern

      Now we ask for some basic infomation. People that need a refund will provide more details and by adding “For Refunds” beside the Address it indicates we will be mailing the refund.

   This information can be on any piece of paper and put in the Mail Slot below or
Call:            800-792-1941 Ext 1

I have had issues in the past using Refund Sheets. They get torn up, thrown around, used for note pads and occasionally for refunds and there never seems to be one when people really need it. So I let them know that any piece of paper is fine.

         Before I opened my first Laundromat I set up an 800 number and over the years it has become more beneficial. It’s clearly posted on the windows of every store, as shown here you can call the refund line and leave a message. I also have Equipment Emergency Extensions, Store Directions and a line to my cell phone. If I am out of town I can redirect any of these lines to other people I have for support in the area. 
         I use RingCentral for this. You can check them out HERE.


WiFi Password – WashinOxford

And finally I post the WiFi Password.

      Take the time to look at your signage and see what you can do to clean it up and make you store look great.



2017 Marketing And Budgeting- Part 2

2017 Marketing And Budgeting- Part 2

        Step Number 2 in this process involved digging into last years marketing and then doing the …Whoa!… I spent how much?

     Did it work?

        In some cases ..Definitely yes.

          Here’s the details. This is not something that most people will show you but if  you have read my posts or listened to the PodCast you’ll soon realize I’m not like most people.

2016 Advertising Expenses

    Now lets get to some of the details.

          Anniston Star– One of these charges is for the newspapers that get delivered to the store. I let it run out once and about 2 days later my customers started asking where the paper was. It gets delivered everyday and 99% of the time is still there the next morning. It gets read by dozens of people everyday but nobody ever takes it.
The other charges are for some special publications they ran. As their parent company is local and prints a number of local daily and weekly papers they also have many specialty publications.

          CAST- This is a local theatre company  that puts on 6-8 great shows each year. An ad in their program also includes a couple of passes to the shows. These ads are specifically targeted to that market and consumer.

Local, Live Theatre . CAST program ad.

Here’s a post I did about supporting live theatre.

DayBreak Media- There are a couple of sections here. One is a local Print and on-line magazine that is published monthly and distributed around the local area.
      The other , “On The Menu”, is published 4 times per year and is mostly focused on local Restaurants and some attractions. This is mostly placed in the hotels in the area. The receptionists at the hotel like it as it helps them direct customers to a particular type of restaurant they are looking for. I run a full page ad in this magazine as well.             This will continue to be a big part of my advertising as they have just completed a local sports complex that has a number of major events planned, including a weekend with 2 major events and 900 athletes.

Choccolocco Park, Oxford AL

        Facebook– Last year a did a few “boosts” and a few other things. This will be increased in 2017 and I’ll be learning more about focused ad placements as well. I’m not too bad now but it’s an area I want to improve on. Stay tuned for the posts from that experience.
      I did find out one thing about my Facebook ads. People want reality TV and if it’s local they want it more. I had some damage and a person had an extinguisher sprayed at them. Some editing and a $10 boost on Facebook put the video in front of 252,000 people, over 1200 shares and almost 100 comments. HERE’s The Link if your interested. 
         On a side note I was told by the “veterans” of the industry to never post things like this. I’m here to say that that video increased the sales in my store. 

       Google AdWords Express– Another area that I am going to learn more about soon. Early in the year I spent a large percentage of this in a nearby market that had their laundromat burn down. Once it re-opened , an another new one about the same time, I stopped advertising in that market. The rest of the year was some simple ads in my own area with not enough focus and attention. One of the ads targeted hunters so they would keep their gear out of their home washers.

         High School Football Programs- Oxford High School is right across the road some my newest store. The ad was simple. You can literally see my TV’s from the stands.

Oxford Football Program Ad

          I also ran an ad in another local football program. My condition for running this is that the other Coin Laundry that was in it the year before did not run an ad. They are located the opposite direction from this town and I did not want to complete with them. There is lots of places to advertise so why be in the same spot.

Munford AL Football Program Ad

      NLM- New Leaf Marketing- Our local Swag provider. Pens. I give out about 1200 a year. I buy a good quality, reasonably priced clip pen in Yellow or Pink and leave them everywhere. Restaurants can never have enough pens, Chamber of Commerce Events, when you sign in you are probably using one of mine, I leave them at banks, businesses, and customers take them when they do their Drop Off. 
             Other items I had for some specialty events this year were some pockets mirrors, aprons for people to wear during a Pie Eating Contest. They all had my Logo as well. And the table cloth they sat at had my logo on it.

Pie Eating Contest

        Some other items that were specific to this year were for the opening of the new Washin Oxford Coin Laundry store. These included Ballots for the Grand Opening Prize Draw, Radio station Live Remotes, Radio Station advertising spots, T-Shirts and a few other items. Plus all the prizes not listed on this sheet (55″ TV, lots of Laundry Tokens, jugs of soap and lots more).
What were the results of the Grand Opening Draw? About 270 non-duplicate entries, and 135 that provided their email addresses.


The 2017 Planning continues.


      If you’re looking for some ideas and support I suggest downloading a free guide from David Smith at Valens Point. It’s a simple method to target your marketing and be effective.

Click To Get Your 2017 Marketing Makeover Guide

The planning continues….


2017 Marketing And Budgeting- Part 1

2017 Marketing And Budgeting

     Today I’m working on my 2017 Marketing and Budgeting Plan. It’s a little behind schedule but based on my past few years I’m way ahead just looking at it.

     Previously I have been just a shoot- from-the-hip type of marketing for my  Laundromats and I noticed this last year that I missed a few opportunities that, with more planning and foresight, would have been some great exposure.

   So with that said my first focus will be on my partially attended laundromat, Washin Golden Springs Coin Laundry.

      Part of this year’s overall plans are to increase the Drop Off business at this store. With the opening of the newest, unattended store, Washin Oxford Coin Laundry, the self serve volume has decreased slightly which allows us more access to the machines, especially on the weekends.

       With those plans in mind the marketing for this store will be targeted at the Drop Off Market with very little focus on Self Serve. (I will work on another plan for the new Self Serve store as there are many sports tournaments at a new local park that will come into play this year).

        A few weeks ago another Chamber of Commerce member put on a free seminar at the Chamber covering this topic. I went in with no real plan, just an open mind. He provided a number of worksheets that we put down some various marketing that has been used and how effective we felt it was. If we were not sure how effective it was then guess what?… it wasn’t very effective.

       Next we looked at any special days, events, cycles, seasons that affect our business. In the Laundromat business there are the Spring and Fall bumps that we see due to a lot of house cleaning but what about vacations, back to school, Thanksgiving, and other local events that have an impact.

        Any upgrades planned to your store? New equipment, renovations (paint, lights, restroom). They are opportunities to market and some time and budget should be assigned.

        As I looked though the budgeting I realized I didn’t really understand where I had spent the money last year. As I made notes  monthly advertising (Facebook, AdWords, local magazines) were easy but the one-of advertising throughout the year just kept adding to the list and I wasn’t really sure of the amounts.

       After the seminar it was homework time, which is what I’m working on now. I ran into some more of the same questions and I have asked for a detailed list of all of the advertising from last year from my accountant.

       So right now I’m going backwards so that I can go forward. I need to understand where the money went last year, did I really see results and then I can work on the plan for next year.


Stay Tuned


P.S. That’s me with a local Radio Host that I just remembered was some other advertising from this year.

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