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Episode 51 – Bringing Back The Human Element

Bringing Back The Human Element

          In the February 2017 Edition of American Coin-Op, Laurance Cohen wrote in his column “Goin’ With Cohen” about Ken Barrett, his background, how he got into the Coin Laundry Industry and how he runs his stores.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] 

          This article was read as an audiobook by professional voice-over artist Chris Abernathy.

          For the full article go to

          It was a great time meeting Laurance and talking shop. Having the opportunity to show a person with his experience behind the scenes of my stores and get his feedback was invaluable.

          As I found out later he arrived in town the day before and scoped out the stores to see them as a customer would for the first time.

          I hope you enjoy this audiobook of his story