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Garage Sale Day

Today is garage sale day. The best part is it’s not in my garage.

      See my house doesn’t have a garage. It used to have one under the house but it was converted to a bathroom and family room by the previous owners.

      We had been planning the sale for a few weeks and would have to get up early and haul everything out and hope it doesn’t rain.

      Then the people renting the house next door, that has a garage , moved out.
I talks to the owner and said I was planning a garage sale and had everything I needed except a garage. So he gave me the thumbs up and we were set.

      Last night we moved everything into the borrowed garage, cut the grass for him and watched the rain as we priced everything.

      This is my first time having a garage sale. My parents had one a few years ago and it turned into a two or three week event. They had moved into a new town and didn’t know anybody so they would set up a table with some items on it, put out some chairs and use it as a way to meet the neighbors.

      I’m not sure if they made any money or even sold anything but they knew everybody on the street and some of the employees of a nearby business, and the post man, some truck drivers and I think a cop or two.

      It’s a fun way to spend a few hours and it forces you to slow down, sit in the sun and meet some new people.

      Soon that will be our full time occupation but we won’t be running garage sales. We will be sitting in the cafés of the world, eating little pastries and meeting new people.

      If you could so whatever you wanted to what would it be?




Maybe just more time with your family?

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