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It’s time for the Gentlemen to make a comeback.

It’s time for the Gentlemen to make a comeback.

     Last night I attended the Small Business Awards with my wife, three teenage daughters and two of my staff from the store.

It was a great event and ran very smoothly. The awards were held in the theatre at the Buckner Event Plaza in Anniston AL. The facility was built in 1930 and was closed when the former military base shutdown but it has been re-opened, freshened up but still has the charm of an old theatre. (including the red painted “NO SMOKING” sign on the marble mall in the men’s room. You know the ones that were made from the old paper stencils).


 After there was a reception at the attached banquet hall. It has some old charm as well, with hardwood floors and  steel railings. There was a 3 piece Jazz Band performing to provide entertainment.

 Congratulations to the winner of the Emerging Small Business of the Year, Cheaha Cheer and Tumble as well as to the other nominees and other awards.

      During the awards in the theatre each nominee was called to the stage to accept a plaque and have pictures taken. In some cases it was just one person and in other cases there were a number of people from the company.



   On the way home from the event my daughter made the comment that I was the only guy to stand to the side and let the women, that work in my store, go on the stage first and after the pictures I went down the stairs and offered a hand to help them down the stairs. They also liked how I went and got the car so they didn’t have to walk after the event.

     This opened up an opportunity for my wife and I to discuss the qualities to look for in a man and a number of other topics.

     To me it seems perfectly normal to let a lady go first, help them up or down the stairs, go and get the car, open and hold a door and many other things that men should do. Does this mean I think less of women or that they can’t open a door themselves? Absolutely not.  It’s just how I was raised and how a man should act.

     I believe that it is time for the Gentlemen to make a comeback. Hold the door for a lady, help her carry a package, go and get the car in the rain. And Ladies, allow a gentleman to do these things for you. They may not be there all the time but when they are accept these simple gestures as a sign of respect.

     And to all of the parents out there, these are simple principles to teach that help your children learn to respect women and even adults. I’ll always thank somebody’s child that holds a door for me at the mall.

     Finally to any guy that expects to impress my daughters… you better bring your A game because I’m setting the bar high and my daughters deserve no less.

 If you have any comments please post them below.



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2 thoughts to “It’s time for the Gentlemen to make a comeback.”

  1. Brilliant Ken! It is an unfortunate side effect of the feminist movement that women forgot how to be ladies and men were in many cases forced to examine their every move for fear of being looked at with suspicion. As much as I enjoy being a career woman, I continue to appreciate the simple pleasure of being treated like a lady.

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