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New Lights and Camera Concerns

LED Canopy Lights

Yesterday I had some additional lights installed in front of one of the stores. There were already lights in front of the Laundromat but not in front of the next unit that I use for storage. I came in early the next morning to make sure they were on and looked OK but also to check how they impacted the cameras.


As you can see below, the new light caused a lot of interference with the camera lens. It limits the viewing area as well as the quality of the recording.



E-conolight LED Canopy
Interference from new LED Canopy light on camera lens.


The repair was a pretty easy fix. I used a piece of metal tape, the kind they use on duct work to make a small dark zone for the camera.


E-conolight Canopy LED


The image quality doesn’t seem that good as it is a screen shot from my phone but you can see the impact the light had on the camera.


Check out the details and the fix:



So whenever you make changes in your store look at how it impacts the other systems and customers.