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Sealing Around Laundromat Dryers

Sealing Around Laundromat Dryers

        The dryers in a Coin Laundry become a part of the wall when they are installed. Just like any wall they need to be sealled and insulated to reduce air leakage around the dryers. The better the seal you can make the less air will trsnafer between the conditioned and unconditioned areas (between your store and the dryer maintenance area).

       One method I have found is to use a backer rod. This can be bought at most building supply stores in the concrete section.

Contractors Choice Backer Rod available at Home Depot in various sizes

Normally used to fill large gaps in concrete projects but works great for this application.

“Normal” use of backer rod 

       It ‘s round, closed cell foam and is 1/2″ or 5/8″ diameter and about 20 fet long. It can be cut to length and pushed into smaller cracks.

Backer Rod used in concrete finishing can be used to seal gaps in other locations

        And don’t forget the gap below the dryers. The dryers are leveled on each of the coners with a bolt, type level. Depending on the slope of the floor you could have up to an inch of gap below the dryer.

Thi si the space between the floor and the dryer bottom.

If you have a new store or an older one take some time to find the air leaks and get them sealed. Check to make sure the edges of your dryers do not get hot enough to melt the foam or cause a fire.

Any other tips on sealing cracks? Please comment below.