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Episode 11- Butch Bruner of Imonex Services

Episode 11- Butch Bruner of Imonex Services

          Many Laundromat owners are looking for ways to make things easier for the customer as well as their business. Since the beginning of Laundromat time (in the US anyways) the quarter has been the main method to start a washer or dryer. 

          The question has been “How can I make some changes to my payment systems and which direction should I go?”

          Are you considering a Dollar Coin store but also want to accommodate a customer that brings their own quarters? 


         Imonex Services Inc- “The Legend In Coin Flow”, has developed a coin drop that gives you the ability to accept multiple coins through one device, including tokens.


          Imonex is available to accept virtually all international coins.

          In this PodCast we talk with Butch Bruner about the history of Imonex, their experience in other industries, why it was time to move into the Coin Laundry Industry and what is required to update your store.




        If your are interested in Imonex products you can talk to your local distributor or contact Imonex to find a distributor in your area.

Imonex Services Inc.
7274 Imonex Lane
Sealy, Texas 77474 USA
Ph. 979/885-3200
Ph. 1-800-446-2719 (within the U.S.)
Fax: 979/885-3205

General Information:


        Please let them know you heard about them from:

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                 I would love to hear about your experiences with Imonex, please leave you comments below.

Ken Barrett


Changing a Drain Pump Tube on a Speed Queen , IPSO Washer

Changing a Drain Pump Tube on a Speed Queen , IPSO Washer 

      There was a small leak under one of the small IPSO washers. After some looking around I found the drain tube from the washer to the pump had a small hole worn in it.

         The change is not too technical but it is a little hard to access.

            There is some scraping of the old sealant involved and you should use some rubber gloves when putting the new sealant around the drain tube at the base of the drum. Before you install the sealant test fir the new tube so that it will have clearance from the pump to reduce the chance of it rubbing  a new hole in the future.

         The video below shows the location of the drain tube, where the hole was found and the steps to replace it.


          The sealant does need time to dry so plan on leaving it overnight and finishing the connection to the pump the next day.



Ken Barrett




Episode 10- Two Simple Advertising Methods

Two Simple Advertising Methods

        Advertising needs to be effective but sometimes we just overthink it and don’t look at it from a customer perspective.

        A simple, cost effective method to advertise your business is a banner placed in front of or on your business.

         The other method is an app that allows you to put your logo right in your video in a few simple steps on your phone.

Banner Video


 Here is another example of PicPlayPost used on Facebook

PicPlayPost is available at:

Apple Products

Google / Android


Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorite advertising apps.


Installing A Change Machine In The Laundromat

Installing A Change Machine In The Laundromat

       In the original construction on Washin Anniston Coin Laundry  I installed a double, rear access change machine. This machine has 2 separate systems in side including power supplies, bill acceptors, coin hoppers and boards. It is mounted on the wall of the locked storage area where all of the soap and other materials are kept.

        This has worked well but on occasion a bill jam would disable one side and the other side may be empty by the time I returned to the store to do collections. The result was an inconvenience to customers that had to go find change and quite possibly were not able to at night.

             I don’t believe I have ever seen a bill jammed on an almost empty change machine. Maybe it’s just me but it’s almost as if it jams after about the third bill is received.

            Recently I acquired a single , front access change machine.  These are designed to be mounted on the wall, as it was previously.


             The location I wanted to mount this change machine was in a busy area of the store and I had concerns with it sticking out from the wall. It would become a hazard to kids that may bang their heads and an inconvenience for everyone else to get around.


            The wall is part of the dryer fascia wall and I had access to the back so I decided to recess it into the wall and add trim around it.

Below is a video of the before and after and some of the steps to put it in.

          The first step is to get a change machine.

    Check to make sure you have a power source available and that the cable or cord for the changer will be accessible at the back or near the rear edges.


        Frame the opening with at least 2×4’s all the way around. Leave some clearance to install the changer as it will be covered with trim later on. I left about 1/4″ on each side and about 1/2″ to 3/4″ on top. This allowed me to catch the bottom edge when I installed it and tilt and slide it into place. Too much of a gap could cause some warping of the housing when the bolts are tightened into the frame.


          Open the door and determine the hole/ bolt locations.  You will need to be able to drill the holes from the outside without damaging any wiring or other components. You will also need enough space inside to install a 2″ lag bolt.

               Some of the components, such as the hopper are easily removed and can be re-installed after the change machine is mounted.


          Drill a small pilot hole and then the required size hole for the lag bolt you will be using. I used 1/4″ x 2″ lag bolts. If you have a thicker framing you can use longer bolts. You may consider a bolt and nut if you have access all the way around.

             I installed 2 bolts on each side for a total of 8.

       Another option is to install an angle iron frame around the opening and bolted to the wall and change machine.

        Some samples are available at Standard ChangeMaker.


           This is the view of the change machine from the back after install.  The front view and explanation of the trim can be seen in the video above.


        This post is a sample of a method I used to install this change machine. Refer to your manufacturers information for other requirements to avoid any warranty issues.



    P.S. Have you checked out the PodCast yet?

      It’s available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher as well as right here at 

Episode 9 – Ten Need To Know Items Before Opening A Business

Episode 9  Ten Need To Know Items Before Opening A Business

      Applicable To Many- Targeted To Laundromat / Coin Laundry

      Everybody likes a Top 10 list and these may not be the Top 10 but they are certainly the big ones.

      This information is targeted to a Laundromat / Coin Laundry but most will apply to any small business.

      The percentage of small businesses that fail during the first few years is actually a very sad number. Thousands of people have a dream and open a small business. They have the dream but not all of the information.

        This list has been developed from my own experience. I currently operate 3 successful Laundromats and was fortunate enough to have some guidance at the start and learned the rest very quickly. Unfortunately some of the items came as a surprise.

         The presentation is available at the bottom of the page.


Why SCORE? SCORE offers the nation’s largest, network of free, expert business mentors.

             If you’re just starting a business, SCORE mentors can provide the practical action plan, education and tools you need to open your doors and establish a customer base. Already own a business? Our volunteer mentors can help identify ways to increase profit, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and achieve work/ life balance.


Included in this package:
  • Business Plan Template
  • 3- Year Financial Plan Template
  • Construction and Start Up Actual Costs
  • Renovation Pictures
  • Simple Pro-Forma Layout
  • Demographic Information and Presentation
  • New Store Cost Budgeting Form
  • And so much more
  • All areas of the forms can be edited to fit your location.


An SBA Article on Mentors: ” … according to a 2014 survey by The UPS Store, 70 percent of small businesses that receive mentoring survive more than five years – double the survival rate of non-mentored businesses.”


The Presentation Is Available Here



If you have any comments please post them below.


Ken Barrett

Episode 8 – Dollar Coin Only Store with Larry Adamski

Episode 8

Dollar Coin Only Store with Larry Adamski

   I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Larry Adamski , owner of Muskegon Laundromat in Muskegon, Michigan.

   Larry has over 45 years experience as a Laundromat owner/operator. He formerly owned multiple Laundromats, a professional dry cleaning plant, a car wash and numerous apartments.

   His current Laundromat in Muskegon is 3700 square feet and  is open 7 days a week from 7am until after the last wash at 11pm.

   There are 34 washers and 33 dryers , 3 change machines, soap and snack vending machines and ample seating and folding areas.

   One of the main features of the store is that it is a Dollar Coin Only Laundromat.

   Larry takes us through the journey to the Dollar Coin Only and his perspective on customer convenience, and some advice for Laundry owners considering new equipment.

   As always the information for this and other Podcasts can be found at

   Now let’s talk DCO….


Some feedback:
        “Thanks Ken & Larry for a presentation accurately based on real life experiences.  For any operators & for that matter other industries where the dollar coin would be helpful … the 30 minutes spent listening to this specific excellent Podcast will be well worth it.”