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Episode 8 – Dollar Coin Only Store with Larry Adamski

Episode 8

Dollar Coin Only Store with Larry Adamski

   I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Larry Adamski , owner of Muskegon Laundromat in Muskegon, Michigan.

   Larry has over 45 years experience as a Laundromat owner/operator. He formerly owned multiple Laundromats, a professional dry cleaning plant, a car wash and numerous apartments.

   His current Laundromat in Muskegon is 3700 square feet and  is open 7 days a week from 7am until after the last wash at 11pm.

   There are 34 washers and 33 dryers , 3 change machines, soap and snack vending machines and ample seating and folding areas.

   One of the main features of the store is that it is a Dollar Coin Only Laundromat.

   Larry takes us through the journey to the Dollar Coin Only and his perspective on customer convenience, and some advice for Laundry owners considering new equipment.

   As always the information for this and other Podcasts can be found at

   Now let’s talk DCO….


Some feedback:
        “Thanks Ken & Larry for a presentation accurately based on real life experiences.  For any operators & for that matter other industries where the dollar coin would be helpful … the 30 minutes spent listening to this specific excellent Podcast will be well worth it.”

One thought to “Episode 8 – Dollar Coin Only Store with Larry Adamski”

  1. Great idea going “dollar coin only” however, I wish you would have went dollar coin AND half dollar coin, and maybe have charged $1.50 for something that you have to charge $2 for, from a vending machine, and also have $2 bill changers for inserting $2 bills in the bill slot, and getting two $1 coins out in change, or have option buttons on the change machines to get two $1 coins, a $1 coin and two halves, or four halves, just to get all three odd denominations out into circulation.

    Dollar Coin only is still a very good idea though.

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