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Dexter Dryer

Dexter Dryer Jam- Not What I expected

Dexter Dryer Jam- Not What I expected     

     Yesterday I came into the store and found out one of the Dexter dryers was not turning. The attendant said she had tried to run it and could hear it running but the drum wouldn’t turn and she put some caution tape on it.

       From my experience with these dryers my first thought was that one of the contacts on the control board was bad,  you can see the details on that repair HERE, so I went over to the dryer to see if I could spin the drum.

My list of possible problems were
     a) bad contact on circuit board
    b) broken belt
    c) a screw through the holes. This normally only causes a scraping sound as it’s dragged around the housing.


         I gave the drum a push to turn it and it would barely move. After changing my angle a little it finally gave way but was still very difficult. After a few tries something came loose and the drum turned. Then I noticed something fall into the lint screen.

        When I pulled out the lint screen and found a 9mm bullet.

This was not on my list of expected items but you never know what you are going to find at a Laundromat.

Leave a comment of any strange things you have found in the equipment.