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Laundromat Washer Drain Vent Pipes

 Laundromat Washer Drain Vent Pipes

      A common problem in Laundromats now is that more soaps are being produced that are HE and have a reduced amount of suds produced when the front load washers are used but our customers want to see suds, the more the better. 

      In a small front load washer it causes problems due to the pump being unable to push the excess suds to the drain so they end up in the first, and sometimes second, rinse. 

      Next is the complaint that the washer did not spin out the clothes. This is due to a) you can’t pump suds, and b) the level sensor may be affected and less rinse water is used.

     In one case I actually had to open the door and the suds came out like an avalanche into a garbage can. After scooping a few more arm loads out I was able to get the rinse cycle to add water and get the clothes spun out.


      In this video it is a slightly different concern. The washers are all gravity drains but the excess suds are pushed up out of the drain vent pipe. The bulkhead fills with suds that eventually convert back to a liquid and mess up the water-based glue in the floor tile. Or in other stores just puddle on the floor.

     The vent pipe could not be extended straight up so I had to add some elbows to get to an old dryer bulkhead.

     I hope this gives you some ideas of how to fix this issue in your store or avoid it in a new build.