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Milnor E4 Alarm. Too long to fill.

Milnor E4 Alarm. Too long to fill.

    The cleaner at one of my Laundromats left a note that one of the 60# Milnor washers had an E4 alarm. I checked the manula and found that to be a “Too Long To Fill” error.

     There are a couple of items that could cause this. A problem with the drain valve, low water pressure or a plugged screen in the supply hose connection at the back of the washer.

     I tried a cycle and found the water was leaking out the drain. In this store it is an open trench drain so it’s easy to see the leak. In a hard piped drain it is a little more difficult toe narrow down the problem but based on my experience the drain valve is usually at the top of the list.

     To access the drain valve you remove the cover on the lower part of the front and it is right there. Make sure the drum is empty and the cycle is stopped.

     The drain valve is easy to remove and a great feature on these washers is the ability to cycle the drain valve, and other functions, from the control panel independently.

     Below is a copy of a two sided, laminated wallet card I carry with the error codes and test functions listed.

     Have a look at the video and you can see the valve test in action.



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4 thoughts to “Milnor E4 Alarm. Too long to fill.”

  1. I have a milnor model 30022v6j and i have the same problem, mi wash tell the error too long to fill when i start the cycle but also the time in my display is frozen when the cycle is in process. Do you can help me?

    1. Call Milnor Tech Support at +1 (504) 467-9591. Have the model and serial number ready and they will be able to talk you through any tests and repairs.
      Great bunch of very experienced guys.

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