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A Step Back in Laundromat Time

A Step Back in Laundromat Time

        “You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”


         I took a tour through a random Laundromat in Alabama. 98% of the equipment and other items in the store had not changed in 40+ years.


           The store is still being used regularly and the equipment was all working. When I was there on a Wednesday morning there was always someone using the store.


             I can only imagine how many people have read the signs over the years, or have ignored the signs and the amount of snacks that have been run through the vending machine.


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Random Laundromat Review

Random Laundromat Review

     As I travel around I stop at various Laundromats to see how they are doing and to get some ideas.

   This Laundromat needed some repairs and was missing a key piece of equipment. Can you spot it?




Small Business Checklist: Scouting Out a Location

      Recently I was asked to contribute to an article about what to look for when scouting a location. 

         A Laundromat is a destination location, meaning that our customers will look for one when they need it and it will not be an impulse buy, but having the right location and property features have as much of an impact as the interior layout of the washers and dryers.

         Some of the features I look for in my businesses and others should consider when scouting out a location are:

        Parking- How long will a typical customer stay in your business and any other businesses sharing the same parking areas. 
       Will you loose too many spots due to lineups in other businesses? 
        How do your hours of operation and busy times compare with the other businesses?

        Street Location and Access- Many corner lots are already taken by Gas Stations, Pharmacies or Fast Food. These are prime locations and probably out of the budget for new businesses. 
        One of the next best locations would be on the right hand side of a busy street just past a Stop Light. This allows your customers time to look at your sign and business while they are waiting at the light. 
         Two entrances ( one at each end of the lot) is beneficial as it allows a second chance if they miss the first one. 
          Is it a divided road with limited areas to turn Left or turn around?

Supporting Businesses-  Are the businesses in the same building or neighboring buildings going to provide support, competition or be neutral? 
        Will your Teen Clothing Boutique be sharing a strip mall with a Tattoo Parlor, Auto Parts Store and Discount Hardware store? Locating beside a Hair and Nail Salon, Shoe Store and Coffee Shop / Bakery would complement the other businesses and reach a common demographic.

         Visibility- If someone is driving how hard will it be to find your store?
 Can the front of your store and your sign be easy seen and read / understood? Also will your customers be able to see inside the business from the street or parking lot to determine if they have the right place and if they want to go inside?              Consider when you flip through a magazine or a website, if you do not see something that interests you at a glance are you going to continue looking? 
         If you have a specialty business and your customers are looking for your location specifically it might not have an effect but will you be losing “drive by” traffic.

        Tenant Improvements- Is the Landlord willing to provide improvements to the location or waive some lease payments in lieu of changes to the location? For example if the building needs new lighting will this be covered by the landlord to your specifications or will they install generic lighting that you will remove or replace.

         Utilities- Are there adequate utilities available for your business? Power, water, sewer and gas may be available but is there enough capacity. The cost and time to increase any of these could be substantial.  
        Also who would be responsible for the cost in the interior and exterior to relocate the connections. Other considerations are Cable, Internet and Phone service.

        Lighting: Is there adequate lighting to provide a safe environment at night and who is responsible to install, maintain and pay for the operation.

        Planning / Zoning– Is the area zoned for your type of business. Are there restrictions for lighting, signs (size and location), ADA requirements, parking times, hours of operation.

        Trash- Will your business require a dumpster, Can it be shared by other businesses, Where will it be located? How often will you need to access it and what will be your daily amount of trash? Will it need to be covered? Is recycling required?

        Deliveries- What size of a truck will make your deliveries and possibly pickups? Is there access? Do you need a loading dock? How far away will the driver need to park? Are there restrictions on the delivery times due to other businesses or city by-laws.

        As part of your due diligence and business planning make check lists of Musts and Wants and use it as a reference when looking for locations. 

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Laundromat Nighttime Visibility

Laundromat Nighttime Visibility


      In this video I show the exterior of one of my Laundromats at night. A key feature in all of my Laundry’s is to keep the windows clear and have lots of lights.

    This allows visiblity throughout the store to customers, myself or even the police. It’s easy to drive by and see if the store is busy.

    One thing you may notice is due to the layout of the store you don’t actually have a good view of any of the washers from the outside.

     Other items in the video show the parking lot lights, location just past a stop light and the neighbors that actually compliment the business well and never work weekends or evenings.

     The interior of the store has some spots that people could duck down and hide in but for customers walking around doing their normal routines they are always visible.

    When laying out your store try and avoid cubby holes or other blind areas. If you have to have some due to the particular layout install large mirrors so you and your customers can see into the corners from other areas of the store.


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Coin Laundry / Laundromat For Sale- No Franchise Fees

Coin Laundry / Laundromat For Sale- No Franchise Fees

Many Locations Available

Are you interested in owning a Laundromat? Looking for a Passive Income business with a 20% – 30% ROI based on industry stats  that requires very little time to manage?

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Owning a coin laundry, or two, or three allows you the freedom to own a business that does not require your time to operate. Customers will pay you while they do the work.

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Ken Barrett
Multi Store Laundromat Owner


Anniston Alabama Laundromat Opens 24 Hours A Day

       Washin Anniston Coin Laundry has made the changes to fill the needs of local residents. Until today there was no 24 hour a day coin laundry in Anniston.

                              But that has all changed.


   Responding to the requests of many of the current customers about the need for a 24 hour Laundromat Washin Anniston wanted to help.

       Ken Barrett, of Washin Coin Laundry’s stated “ Many people are working multiple jobs and various shifts to make ends meet so it is difficult for them to be able to find the time for even the common chores. They work late and have to get up early to get the laundry done so they can go to work again. Now if they work until midnight they can do the laundry on the way home”

    With the large capacity washers and dryers, the biggest in Anniston, they are able to get the laundry washed and dried in under an hour.

     Conveniently located at 829 Quintard Ave, Anniston AL 36201.  

     Anniston is also increasing tourist traffic with the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail and the revitalization of the Downtown area. We border Downtown Anniston and see the results of the efforts in that area. We want to be able to provide services to these visitors and didn’t want our hours of operation to get in the way.

    Washin Anniston Coin Laundry’s goal is to provide a safe and clean environment for people to launder their clothes and other personal items. Changing to a 24 Hour a Day operation will help meet these needs at a time convenient to our current and future customers.

    Washin Anniston Coin Laundry is part of a local, family owned chain of Laundromats. Each location provides a variety of washers and dryers to meet the needs of the customers. Each facility is well lit, has unobstructed front windows, security cameras, Free Wifi, a kids play area and lots of parking.

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Ken Barrett


Ken Barrett

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How to buy a Laundromat.


         Many people look at Laundromats or coin laundry’s as a recession proof business. Funny thing is nobody thought of them like that before 2008. There were just that place that poor people and college students go to wash their clothes because they can’t afford a washer at home.

            I was introduced to the coin laundry industry by a friend of mine on our volunteer fire department many years ago.  As he was a captain and also did service on appliances Captain Freon seemed like a good fit. His family had been in the coin laundry and appliance sales and service business his whole life. We would sit around and talk about various business ventures and at one point we actually took a tour of a couple of laundry’s in a neighboring town. I had other projects on the go at the time so another friend of his opened one in that town a couple of years later.

             Fast forward a few years and I was leaving the corporate world , and that country,  so I was looking at alternatives. Part of the fun of moving to the US is that once you are here it takes months to get a green card to be able to work but fortunately you can own a business before you even get here. During the time I was waiting to move I hunted down Captain Freon and started asking questions. I would ride with him to his coin laundries and ask all kinds of questions about income and finance and maintenance and setup ……. Finally he told me until you actually own one I can’t really tell you much more.

           I will be honest and tell you that you can read about them , stop by and use some, talk to distributors, accountants and lawyers, develop business plans and study demographics but there is still things that you don’t find out until you own one. But I hope to be able to provide some insight into many of these items as we move along.

             I have been operating in the laundry business since 2010 and learning and studying since 2008. Currently I own 3 stores. One was closed and required a complete renovation, one was running and needed some freshening up and the third was running and had good equipment but needed renovations and some additional equipment.   One of my stores has attendants and a strong Drop Off service. Although not in my original business plan it was a good opportunity so I made some adjustments to the business plan and moved forward.

             For more details on renovations and store construction CLICK HERE and join the Members Area

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