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Reverse Mortgages


I just watched the video above from a Realtor I work with about reverse mortgages. I had received a call about the property from the seller as he was trying to find out what his options were and was hoping to get at least some money from his parents estate to help with his own bills.

We talked for awhile on the phone and I called my Realtor as it did not seem like we would be able to make a cash offer on the property

We met with him at the property and took a look around. As she mentioned in the video it was a different market in 2008 and they had no problem giving them a reverse mortgage even though their attorney advised against it

There was also lots of fees as well as the double digit interest rates.

Now he is in a position where they are going to take the house back as there is no equity left for him to sell it and pay the closing costs.

When signing up for a reverse mortgage please look at all your options and contact an attorney or a finacial planner and determine if this really is the right course for you and your family.

If you are looking to sell your property located in Central Alabama please contact us at TBark Property Solutions and we’ll take a look.

We also work with investors in other parts of the country so if you have a property somewhere else let me know and we will find you a contact in the area.

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Play Safe


The Beginning of Washin Golden Springs Coin Laundry

         The video above shows how we transformed Valley Plaza Laundry into Washin Golden Springs Coin Laundry.

I must start with a Thank You to our customers for the cooperation and understanding during the changes.

             All of the work you see was completed while the laundry was in operation. We only closed for one day to install the new air conditioning. On that day we also removed all of the existing ceiling tiles and lights. Installed new lights, repaired some wiring, installed insulation and all new ceiling tiles.

             During the time we had some people from FEMA using our Drop Off Service. They were in the area due to some storms that had passed through about a month previous. We were talking about the work we had to have done and they said there was no way we could finish that in a day. Well I’ll put my private sector, small business against their government organization any day.

                   When they came to pick up their stuff they couldn’t believe that everything was done and the place was spotless.

             Some hints wen working on projects. Make sure your contractors are fully aware of the timeframe from the start of discussions and make sure you have everything done you said you would when they arrive.

                By the time the contractors arrived at 7am I had covered all the equipment with plastic, removed all the ceiling tiles and went through the store with a leaf blower to get rid of all the old lint and dust. Shortly after they arrived the power went out for about an our but the timing was good as the electrician was removing all of the lights at that time.

              Once the renovations were complete it allowed us to meet the #1 customer requirement in every coin laundry survey ever done. Keep It Clean.

                 I got the most comments when we took out the carpeting. The area rugs were laid over the original wall to wall carpet. I still have 4 dryers sitting on the old carpet as they didn’t get moved during the renovation. I rolled up the area rugs, cut out sections of the carpet and vacuumed up years worth of sand. Then I put the area rugs back down. One morning I rolled up all the carpets and it looked like a new store.

                   We still have people coming in to use the big washers who haven’t been in for awhile and they stop just inside the door and say “Wow”.

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Play Safe


The American Dream and The Guy With A Grinder

The American Dream and The Guy With  A Grinder

 It started out as a normal day and then I got a text message ” I was in your store and realized someone had ripped your changer apart”.

             The picture above is not something from Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures although I have some stories for them that might get on an episode. No this picture is a guy under a sheet using a grinder on the front of my change machine.

                    Instead of looking for a real job and putting his skills to work he has decided that is would be a better career choice to use this ability to steal from others.

As in most cases like this the damage that was done far outweighs the amount of money that was stolen. For a bit of cash he destryed a $1500 change machine.

              How ever you feel about big business, or any business we are all just trying to make a living, feed our families, provide jobs and at the end of the day have something to support our retirement. There is no company pension in a small business.

                    Due to insurance deductibles and impacts this cost will be straight from the business. Which means it gets passed on to the customers. Big or small business, that’s how it works.

                  A frustrating day at the laundry but we get the info to the police, update the facebook pages with pictures of the suspects (well I don’t consider them suspects) , order some parts and move on.

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Play Safe


How To Clean A Down Comforter

How To Clean A Down Comforter

         Have you ever thought about washing that down comforter that keeps you so warm? Your next question might be “Can I use my home washer? If I push it in my new front load washer it should fit. Don’t they get really small when they are wet?”

            Well the answer would be No, don’t try and use your home washer unless you are one of the few that has an industrial washer bolted to the basement floor. I have heard of this but that guy is in jail for fraud. But that’s another story.

                 Also known as a duvet they are made out of real feathers so they need to be treated differently than other items.

                 A duvet cover should always be used. These can normally be washed with other sheets during your normal cleaning cycle.

Here are the steps to follow and things to look out for.

        1-    Take it to a Laundromat. There you will find the big machines that are actually bolted to the floor. For a list of laundries in your area the Coin Laundry Association has a website

         Hint: Ask if they have a drop off service. You will probably spend less money and time paying them to do it. You can expect to pay $4-$6 to wash it yourself and $7-$20 to dry. Our current rates for a King size is $20. We only dry on Medium for about a half hour and then low and cool for 2 to 3 hours. This is what needs to happen to get it dry, big and fluffy.

              2-    Wash on a gentle cycle with a mild or natural detergent. When you load it into the washer start with one corner and feed it in. If you put it in folded it may not clean as well.

              3-    Most washers are programmed with one wash and two rinse cycles to clean the soap out.

             4-    Avoid using softener as it will cause the feathers to stick together and clump.

              5-    Use a dryer that will seem too big at the start. The duvet needs room to fluff and tumble to dry correctly.

Hint: Don’t forget the tennis balls. These are used to bump the feathers and help break up clumps.

               6-    After about 15 minutes check to make sure it hasn’t rolled into a sausage. If it has, stop the dryer and loosen it up.

              7-    Once it’s dry pull it out and hold it up to the light. You should see an even distribution of light. If you see any dark spots that is the feathers clumped up. Grab the clump on each side and gently pull them apart. After they are all apart another 15 minutes in the dryer on Low or Cool will finish the fluffing.

                Hint: After removing from the dryer, lay on a table and feel for any cool spots. This will indicate if more dry time is needed. Don’t skimp on the dry time or it will smell like a wet duck is laying beside you.

                 Take it home, put the cover back on and head to bed early.

( About now you are daydreaming about a warm bed on a cool rainy morning)

Good Night and Sleep Tight

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The Solar Dehydrator

I’ve always been a little fascinated by the power of the sun for heating, power and drying. The front door on our house faces South. We have a full glass door in front of the main door. In the winter ( well as close to winter that Alabama gets) the door handle heats up so much I can barely grab it to open the door. I while back I read some posts about solar dehydrators and the ability to dry food and keep it for later use. I picked up a copy of The Solar Food Dryer by Eben Fodor. This book contained a bunch of information on different types and styles and some good, basic information. The book also explains step by step how to build a small solar dehydrator with a back up heater. Some basic woodworking skills and tools and a bit more time then I thought I put one together. One hint, the main piece is the glass and all the measurements are based around it. Instead of buying one built to the dimensions I picked up one that was close from a building supply store. A Habitat For Humanity Restore would be a great resource as well. The other hard to find piece is the metal heat absorber. After I built the main box I headed to a local steel roof supplier and bought flat piece of black roof metal. Once it was all assembled and ready to go I gave it a test run to heat out any possible fumes etc. When the sun hit the glass it was at 170F in minutes. This is why you should never leave your animals or kids in the car. The back up heater is actually two 200w light bulbs. Due to the few hours of decent sun we get in the winter I put a timer on the heater so it shuts off when the sun is on the glass. So far I am seeing times of about 24 hours to dry the two screens of items. I have dried tomatoes, apples, carrots, celery, peppers and some bananas. The kids are slowly coming around to the idea that’s its kinda cool and I’m not too weird.

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Play safe


What is this all about.

I own a few small laundromats and do some real estate investing so you are probably wondering  Why is this guy writing a blog?

There are a few reasons. Online marketing is not the way of the future it’s the way of the present. Sure most of my business is brick and mortar and is based on people walking in. You can’t do your laundry online. But what if I could pass on some tips and tricks to getting stains out or why you should wash your comforters and bedding at our coin laundry. Hint: We have hotter water then you so we can kill those dust mites you’re trying to get rid of.

It also gives me an opportunity to pass on some stories and opinions about other things that interest me and possibly others. I hope I’m not alone with all my crazy ideas. Or I may find somebody who has that piece of information I need to make something work.

Using this platform also gives me the opportunity to make some extra income while I tell the stories.

 My background covers everything from maintenance, building houses, sheds, engines, energy audits of homes, laundry and some corporate stuff mixed in as well.

This is also a place when my friends and family can keep up on things and throw in some comments along the way.

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Stay tuned and stay clean.


Anybody have any teen drivers?

Recently my oldest received his license and was off to the races. That should be just a cool old phase but sometimes it’s a little too accurate.

Sure we explained about wasting gas, driving too much and speeding up too fast. How do I know? It could be from all of the gas I wasted when I was a teenager. Stopping in to the gas station to get $1.42 in gas because that’s all I could find in the astray. I even went so far as to move the distributor cap on my old “70 GMC pickup to try and get better mileage on the highway. I had to move it back to drive in town as it would barely run otherwise. Did it make a difference? Probably not but it was worth a try to get to the city.

As I explain to the kids that sure I might have driven a little fast and been a bit of an idiot at times but there was a lot less people on the road (and less police) and I was driving a truck that I bought and had to pay all the bills on. If I smashed it up I was walking or worse….riding the school bus.

Fast forward to now and there are a ton of changes. More people on the road, more police, cell phones to call the police with and what every kids loves….technology and satellites. And also he is behind the wheel of my truck.

After a couple of weeks of suspecting he was driving around too much, jumping on the gas and being an idiot, the last one was confirmed by another parent at the school, we did the old school methods of following him to school, driving him once in a while and seeing if the truck moved while he was at work.

 Then life started getting in the way so it was time to make a move. Hello GPS tracker.

Click here for more details.

About a week after the simple installation and setup we asked a few questions about where he was driving, Was he going straight to school and staying there? Was he driving around when he was on break at work? Of course the answers were no, yeah a bit etc.

Once we dealt with those issues it was time to lay out some rules. Routes to work and school, speeding, acceleration and breaking too fast.

Now we have a good understanding of the cause and effect of driving my truck. If the daily report card I get emailed is bad he gets to take it to the coach and explain why he won’t be playing this week.  Nobody else can push the pedals while he’s driving.

There are some other advantages. If someone calls saying he was driving bad or he cut them off we can check and see if he was even in the area at the time.

If you have teen drivers and want to help them be responsible behind the wheel CLICK HERE for more information.

Leave some comments below about how you help your teens learn to drive safe.

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Play Safe


Washin Golden Springs Intuit #TeamSmallBiz Video Competition

Washin Golden Springs Coin Laundry in Anniston Alabama is entered to win a commercial in The Big Game in February.

We offer a Full Service Laundry with  Self Serve equipment as well. Check out the video and stop by our site.

Cleaning up Anniston, One load at a time.

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We’re opening up tonight’s LIVE broadcast to everyone.

A message from Dave..

Hey folks,

This is Dave Wood, and this message has got to be quick.

I decided to open up tonights ‘LIVE’ training to everyone, on the FORMULA for creating wealth online, blogging.

SO… we’re not doing a livestream in the members area.  We’re doing it here:

Get on the live broadcast at 9pm EST, and get a pen and a paper out… because what I’m going to teach is going to CHANGE the way you do business.

Let’s rock.

-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer”

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The Power of the Blog

Join me as we venture through the blog universe,past the land of laundry into real estate and finally to the paradise of passive income. With a few stories about the kids along the way. 

Empower Network will be the medium.

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